Karaoke and Potluck with Jessica

🎀 Calling all Karaoke enthusiasts! 🌟 Ready to hit those high notes? Let’s have another round of Karaoke fun at The Island on Saturday, March 2nd! πŸŽ‰ Get ready for an exciting night filled with music, laughter, and good company. It’s not just Karaoke – it’s a potluck party! Bring your favorite dish to share, and let’s feast, sing, and mingle together. πŸ•” The party kicks off at 5 PM on Saturday. From classic country tunes to 90’s rock, modern pop hits, and even Broadway musical numbers – the stage is yours! Feel free to sing your heart out. πŸ“ Location: The Island πŸ—“ Date: Saturday, March 2nd πŸ•” Time: 5 PM Bring your friends, family, and your favorite song requests. Let’s create unforgettable memories and celebrate the joy of music together. See you there! 🎢🎀

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